What Every PC Gamer Should Have 

Every gaming enthusiast looks forward to building their PC into the gaming machine of the future. Of course, there are the most basic requirements: the mouse, keyboard, monitor, and headsets. After having the best and most functional of these you may want to increase the capabilities of your PC to make it the ideal gaming machine. The gaming devices available on the market are good for three important things:

  • Durability
  • Functionality
  • An enhanced gaming experience


Below are a few of the must have devices for your PC

  • Razer Hydra

As the world’s premier motion-sensing controller for PCs, it enables your PC to provide you with an outstanding gaming experience. Using ultra low latency, the controller allows your motions to be fast in tandem with the game’s escalation level. It uses magnetic motion sensing technology to maximize on every motion that you take.

  • Logitech G930 Gaming Headset

This is the ideal partner for a player who prefers multi-player modes.  It blocks out noise and amplifies the distinct sounds of the game, thoroughly emerging you into the experience. It allows you to communicate with your team members clearly using it’s a noise-canceling microphone.

  • Razer Nostromo

Looking for the future’s gamepad will lead you straight to the Razer Nostromo. This 8-way directional gamepad comes in an ergonomic design and is fitted with 16 programmable keys. Not only that, it also has a soft touch wrist pad to allow you the utmost comfort when you are playing for long periods of time. The super responsive keys allow you to have the utmost control over your games as one can even say they listen to your fingers.


When it comes to programs and software that will enhance your gaming experience, the following are some of the top considerations on the market:

OBS Studio

This is an outstanding recording and streaming software for platforms like Youtube, Twitch and much more. Streaming is an integral part of every gamer’s experience and this software is customizable allowing you to stream to your own servers or other portals of your choice. It supports HD streaming giving you the option of high-quality images.

LogMeIn Hamachi

This is the go to software for multiplayer enthusiasts. It allows you to have a secure meeting, host multiple players to a game and record the game. With the LogMeIn Hamachi you can also share files and play private games.


This is the software that all PC gamers must have. It provides a secure environment where you can search for free-to-play games that you can absorb directly from the software. It is an awesome beginner’s software and also just as great for veteran gamers.


  • Magnetic Screw Driver

This is arguably the most useful tool when working on a computer. It is useful for taking the computer apart, keeping the screws intact, and mounting and disassembling various components.

  • Dust Cleaner

A computer needs to be cleaned using compressed air. This can be in the form of a can of compressed air, a solution or even a special electric PC duster.

  • Screw and Standoffs

Screws will get lost. With that reality out of the way, invest in some spare ones that will come in handy once the originals go missing. In some instances, you may buy a peripheral component that does not come with screws. Your spares will save the day.

Having all of the above gaming essentials means that you are ready to play and engage in a serious gaming experience. It is a reflection of what kind of gamer you are: one who will take just anything that is offered to them or one with a systematic approach to the game.


Is Computer Gaming Really Dead?

“PC gaming is dead”, that’s a phrase you will run into often today and whether it’s true or not, we are about to find out. First, let’s check out the statistics.

Not too long ago, SuperData released a report that detailed the overall expenditure on downloadable games. The report used data sampled from game developers and publishers, payment providers, and of course the millions of gamers worldwide.

In this report, it became clear PC gaming is an undervalued space. How? You may ask. Well, it turned out that PC gaming consoles total revenue in 2016 was $34 billion, just $7billion shy that of mobile gaming which peaked at $41 billion. Not to mention that the report didn’t take into account retail PC gaming sales meaning the figure could even be slightly higher than that.

Another report by NewZoo estimates the console game software at $25.1 billion.

In 2016, the PC gaming hardware was found to have grown faster than expected. This was according to a report by John Peddie Research (JPR). Estimates for that year were in excess of $30 billion and this included the market for both pre-built as well as DIY gaming PCs.

Surprisingly, previous reports had predicted that the PC gaming market wouldn’t be hitting the $30 billion mark anytime soon but looking at the data we have right now, this points to an undervalued market.

With the rise of mobile gaming, console gaming and very recently, virtual reality, many experts questioned the future of PC gaming but contrary to the dark predictions, PC gaming market continues to break barriers.

Virtual reality gaming generated an estimated $2.7 billion and this is partly due to the fact that the VR headsets still cost relatively higher than other gaming systems.

Already, we have seen top players in this industry like Microsoft launching the next-gen consoles i.e. Microsoft Project Scorpio. Also, we’ve seen powerful PCs and GPUs being launched just recently during CES 2017 with more being expected over the year.

And from the reports, what’s really driving the revenue in PC gaming include the free-to-play MMOs and social network-based gaming. League of Legends, which is a free-to-play title, grossed the most income in PC gaming.

At the moment high-end Laptops, like the gaming laptop under $300, and PCs for gaming seem to be doing better and this is partly due to the fact that there’s a part of PC gaming that neither mobile gaming nor console gaming can replace.

In the wake of upgrades such as the Windows 10 OS, the switch to other emerging gaming system might just take a little longer, or maybe it will never happen.

Statistics put the PC gaming growth rate in sales at 26% every year. Keep in mind that emerging VR systems such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive require top-grade hardware in order to run at a quality/frame rate that you would call decent.

So to wrap up, Computer gaming isn’t really dead as many would like to believe. With emerging new technology, expect a lot more in this space in terms of more powerful and sophisticated gaming PCs, PC games and other systems that work alongside them.